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The Yara Tank Mix Guide is a database of the results containing thousands of individual two-way or multi-component tank mix tests of YaraVita™ products with other spray materials.

Access is freely available to everyone and allows better planning of spray programmes and spraying opportunities with most of the YaraVita™ range. Each tank mix test is carried out under controlled conditions in our product development laboratories following BS EN ISO 9001:2000 guidelines and represents a fair measure of the performance of each mixture made. Of course, there are many variables in making tank mixes under field conditions that can influence the mixability of any mixture made and so the Tank Mix Guide is just that, a guide, and not a guarantee of either physical or biological compatibility.

As tests are made, the on-line database is instantly updated and using the guide is simplicity itself. All that needs to be done is to enter the site, read and accept the contents of the disclaimer and select a country to access the appropriate product range. From here the partner spray material can be selected either by trade name or active ingredient. The YaraVita™ product is then chosen as well as the partner spray material. A full list is then generated of all laboratory mixtures made involving the two selected products and the result of the tests. If the required combination is not found, and the spray materials are available in our laboratories, a test can usually be made within a few hours.

To have access to such a database represents a powerful advantage for the YaraVita™ range over other competitor products in a market as better judgements and therefore more reliable advice can be given on the suitability of a spray mixture. This enhances the overall value of the YaraVita™ package not only to provide the best quality products but also to provide the most accurate user information available.



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