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The Lely Vector is an automatic feeding system that takes care of feeding dairy cows and beef cattle consistently, timely and sufficiently.

It allows for 24/7 flexible, fresh, feeding of cows accurately, precisely and with minimum labour requirements. The Lely Vector is capable of feeding roughage, concentrates and minerals to up to 16 different feed groups.

The Lely Vector system consists of two main parts:
• The Mixing & Feeding Robot is a self-contained, battery operated vehicle which is capable of automatically feeding a self-mixed ration.
• The Feed Kitchen is the area where the feed is stored, selected, picked and loaded in the Mixing & Feeding Robot. In the kitchen a crane construction with a Feed Grabber is installed to pick up the feed and drop it in the mixing bin.

The Lely Vector Control app allows you to operate and control the Lely Vector system with your smartphone. With the app you can:
• Set up a feeding plan.
• Set up feed groups.
• Set up routes for the Mixing & Feeding Robot.
• Analyze feeding data and view feed efficiency figures.



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