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Discover the excusive application from the leader of traffic information in Belgium

– Avoid traffic jams thanks to alternate routes
– Receive alerts for your meetings based on real-time road information
– Get access to BePark car parks and pay per minute

So you do not like traffic jams?
Discover – in real time – the most reliable traffic information coming from the Belgian market leader. Display or hide filters of accidents, road works, mobile speed cameras or even your favorite points of interest. Get a direct access to detailed information of traffic jams and their evolution. Make the best use of standard functionalities such as zooming, rotation and localization.

So you would like a direct access to your daily routes?
Set in a few seconds your home and work addresses, as well as a favourite route: you will then find them craftily spread amongst the application, including on your dashboard. It also includes, at a glance, the traffic barometer and its clever colour code.

So you think you know the fastest way?
With Touring Mobilis, set your usual routes and get, straight away, the travel time based on current traffic conditions, or based on the exact moment of your departure to always get there on time. The application even suggests an alternative itinerary, faster in case of delay on the more classic one.

So you would like an enhanced user experience?
Find all your favourite items (itineraries, addresses, car parks) on a screen, which is directly reachable using the menu to launch a search or a route instantly. This way you can set and display your personal routes, door to door, on your smartphone!

So you witnessed a problem on the road?
Share the information! Report in 4 seconds an accident, a last minute road work…or a speed trap. Our operators will validate them to make your information available to the other users.

So you want to know the traffic conditions in real time?
Get an easy access to the barometer from the main menu or dashboard and you will know everything about traffic jams, road works and speed cameras, including their evolution and other details.

So you want to make sure you get there on time?
Time to go, exclusive to Touring Mobilis, is a functionality that allows you to save a meeting’s detail in the application (from, to, date/time of arrival) and to get alerted well in advance, by a smart push notification. The advanced algorithm uses real time traffic information as well as historical data from the past three years. You can also automatically import events from your calendar and select them to activate (or not) this innovative functionality. To make it brief, the usual “sorry for being late, there was a traffic jam” will not do anymore…

So you are looking for a parking spot?
Touring partners with BePark to make life easier for you. Find the availabilities, prices and other tools of this budget car park network available in large cities…without even leaving the Touring Mobilis app. Get in using your mobile and pay per minute, using your current BePark account. Also, seamlessly get the current travel time to and from your favourite car parks.

So you don’t remember where you parked your car?
With Touring Mobilis you can, in 2 seconds, save the exact location of your vehicle and take a picture of the parking spot. You will then be able to easily find it in the map.

So your car broke down?
As a Touring member (or not), the application allows you to precisely define your problem in a few screens, to localize you and to make a priority call to our operators.



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