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Tank Mix Calculator

TapLogic, LLC





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Tank Mix Calculator is an easy to use farm app from TapLogic. TapLogic develops the powerful FarmLogic decision making tool for the farm.

FarmLogic allows you to enter and store records as you work in the field using our FarmPAD rugged handheld computer or enter your work through the web component of FarmLogic. Either way, our system works like you farm, so using it will come naturally. FarmLogic provides secure, instant access to your farm records from any computer logged onto the web, anywhere.
This agriculture application is provided free for any farmer to use on their mobile device to quickly and easily generate a tank mix. Just enter your acreage, tank size, and carrier volume. Next, select your chemicals from our list or add your own. Tank Mix Calculator will then provide you with the number of loads required to spray your acreage, along with full and partial load mixes of the chemicals you selected.

We gladly welcome any feedback or suggestions for Tank Mix Calculator. Please feel free to contact us at

NEW! Metric units and over 11,000 new chemicals!



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