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Pro Cattle Breeding


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Keep the breeding season on track with Smart Farm Apps Pro Cattle Breeding app for farmers.

Track farming data inclusive of pre-mating heat, 1st heat, A.I. scan, dry off date, due date and healthy delivery!

Key Features

1.Record all the major milestones within the breeding cycle.
2.Chronicle Pre mating heat, First Heat, AI date,Scan Date, Pregnancy and Due Date.
3.Form a complete breeding history for each individual cow within the herd.
4.Assembles a clear synopsis in graph form of herd breeding data.
5.Allows for bull coding to be recorded.
6.Manage the reproductive cycle of your cows 365 days/year.
7.Easily export key data in CSV format for 3rd party software integration.
8.Forecast future feed requirements.
9.Clearly see the replacements in the herd.
10.Manage heats more clearly.
11.Dry off cows with specific data of days in milk.
12.All data can be input offline!

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