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mpengo Dairy

mpengo dairy

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mpengo Dairy is a ground breaking app for the Dairy Industry and the Dairyman!

SCC (Somatic Cell Count) testing can now be done right in the milking parlor using mpengo Dairy and a specialized device from Dairy Quality Inc. Using mpengo Dairy and the Dairy Quality device, SCC readings can be determined in seconds, without the expense and time it takes to send samples off to the lab. Besides large savings in testing costs, the dairyman will be able to optimize herd health, milk quality bonuses, and reduce unnecessary antibiotic and medical costs.

mpengo Dairy Highlights:

•Quickly take a milk sample in the milking parlor, and in seconds, get the SCC reading
•Provides an indication of sub-clinical or clinical mastitis
•Simple to use and operate
•Ability to differentiate and store readings according to udder quarter
•Herd (cow) file maintains sample history with tools to synchronize with other iPhones
•Reporting, Import and Export tools permit interfacing to popular herd management software
•Requires the Dairy Quality device and Specialized slides from Dairy Quality Inc.

All mpengo Apps are supported with 24/7 client service

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What’s New in Version 2.4

– Application now available in French and Spanish
– Improved screen instructions




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