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Market leading app for farmer and smallholder with livestock to access and maintain their farm stock data, wherever they are.

All core livestock information can be recorded, including animal data, births, deaths, comments, medicines, movements and weights. Data can be input manually or imported from external sources e.g. an EID stick reader via Bluetooth.

The App includes the following features:

• Animal Info
• Breeding Info
• Medicines
• Movements
• Weights
• Comments
• Groups
• Filters
• Deaths
• Record of Replacement Tags
• Animal Photos
• British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) download
• Import animal records from file
• CSV Export of Data

The App is free to download and operates on a pay as you go basis so you only pay when you create new animal records or perform certain functions. There are some free credits to get you started!

The innovative design delivers a cost effective solution for recording animal information and movements in the field.

iLivestock a Duradiamond Software Ltd product.



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