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GPS Status – Test & Fix

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GPS Status - Raw GPS data: Number of Satellites, Location, Altitude, Accuracy and Speed.


GPS Fix – Reset your GPS state and download assistance data if you have problems getting a GPS location or if it takes too long to get a GPS fix.

Magnet – Get magnetic field strength readings from your magnetometer. You can use this to calibrate your compass. Wave your phone in a figure 8 pattern and if the two values match, your magnetometer is calibrated.

You need a clear view of the sky to get a GPS signal, ideally outside or at least near a window.

To calibrate your compass, please stand clear of metal objects or electronics.

Tap on the values to change units. Speed: m/s, km/h, mph, knots. Length: m, ft. Location: degrees, minutes, seconds.

Some Motorola phones can’t get a GPS fix if the device is set to Airplane mode.
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