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Enter with FarmGenius into the world of agriculture precision by New Holland!

Cultivate your fields, earn coins and buy Precision Land Management system that will increase speed and performance of your agriculture machinery.


• Manage processes, starting and stopping the machinery with a simple touch on the fields.
• Keep track of the machines and intervene when it runs out of fuel.
• Earn coins and use them to improve your fleet with the PLM™ by New Holland
• Saving your best performance at each level.
• Possibility to share the results on Facebook and Twitter .
• 3 phases of processing for each fiel: preparation, planting and harvesting
• 3 types of fields to produce: corn, wheat and grapes with tractors, harvesters and specific agricultural machinery
• 3 Difficulty possibilities on the fields when working at night, during fog and on rough terrain
• 3 playing levels with 4, 8 and 12 field to cultivate
• Completely free


• The challenge is quite simple, even though it requires skill and precision: Keeping an eye on all of your farm fields, preparing them, planting and then going onto harvesting the corn, wheat and grapes.

• You will have to be quick in starting the processing and be accurate in stopping the machinery once you have processed all the fields, without ever leaving your idle tractors or without fuel.

• Sometimes your fields will be covered by fog, the night will fall or which can be particularly rough and difficult to work on

• By buying PLM™ by New Holland it will make your farm more efficient and faster even in the toughest conditions and be able to earn more coins

• Improving your fleet of machinery, tractors, harvesters you will be able to access all three levels to try your hand at 4,8 and 12 harvesting fields and be able to save your records and share them with friends through Facebook and Twitter

FarmGenius by New Holland is completely free of charge: Download it right now and become a real farmer!



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