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AMS Notifier

DeLaval International AB





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DeLaval AMS Notifier will receive alerts from your VMS (Voluntary Milking System) via push notifications to either your iPhone or iPad.

Alerts will appear even if the app is running in the background. Please note that notifications will NOT be pushed to the phone if the phone is engaged in a phone call and at the same time the phone does not have access to a wifi network. In that case the notification will be pushed to the phone once the phone call has ended. Again this only applies if the phone is NOT connected to a wifi network.
Alerts are set in the DelPro System and can be for:
-Cow Information such as:
oCow traffic
oTeat positions
oMDI levels
oOCC levels
-System deviations such as:
oCommunication between VMS and tank
oCommunication between VMS and DelPro
oCleaning information

In the app you can scroll through older alerts that have been send by the system and by tapping on a alert you can review the alert information again. You also have the possibility to select if you want the app to be silent during certain times of the day e.g. between 22:00 and 06:00, this can be handy if you don’t want to be alerted during the night. Please note that any serious alerts such as stop alarms still will still be pushed through even if the silent time have been activated.

-Shows alerts from VMS, OCC, DelPro and tank
-Dismiss alerts
-View older alerts (up to 42 notifications are saved)
-Select one of 29 language for the alerts
-Select if you want to have a “silent time” activated and what time it should be activated
-VMS Baseline 5.0
oDelPro Software 3.5 SP1
oSEBA 1.06
oDlinux 2.0
oConfiguration Tool 3.4
oVC 2694
oMS SW 14.1
-A secure Internet connection with DeLaval RFC (Remote Farm Connection) is also required for push notifications and to access current alerts
-Settings in the SC/VC to receive notifications will have to be set by a certified DeLaval VMS Service Technician or other DeLaval certified staff



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