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AgRacer LLC





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AgRacer is the first racing app to bring you the challenges of racing, add in farm equipment and reward you with great prizes monthly for being the top scorers.

Agracer is brought to you buy Fastline serving families around the farm for over 30 years. This fast paced action racer puts you on the farm to compete for top spots with great vehicles from lawn tractors to the mighty combine.  This race is not all about speed but driving skills through tight corners and don’t miss the shortcuts.  Points are awarded for the place you finish and have multipliers for difficulty levels and the vehicle you are driving.  So the bigger the vehicle you race the bigger the points you earn to win prizes.  The lawn tractor you start with earns you just the points you win, but use Fastbucks to buy up to the mighty combine and earn 7X the points you would normally win in the race.    More points means more chances of prizes for you.  You can use powerups to allow you to have speed boost, better traction, super strength and double your points you earn on the course.  Switch through 3 different camera views and driving is easy.  Touch the lower right side of screen for forward and lower left for brakes and reverse.  Steering is simply tilting your device you are playing the game on.    Watch out for cows and chickens and other obstacles that will take your points away.  Use the leaderboard to see your progress and challenge your friends.  So get ready to tear up the farm because the race is on….

First month prizes will be awarded will be March 2012 and continue monthly until further notice.



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